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Haven’t had the chance to know your Apple MacBook yet?

Everything is completely different compared to Windows. Different keys and shortcuts, different menus, different location of keys …

After about two weeks, you will be in a different position. This is your trial period. Likely, you will not want anything else after, be ready.

Still wondering if buying a used MacBook is a good idea?

You have to get used to your MacBook. You have to sit down and carefully test whether you become partners for life.

Put aside all the doubts and give it a try. As the saying: “You don’t pay a penny for trying it out,” with us, it is true. If you don’t like the product, we’ll refund you the full amount. With us, you see that cheaper doesn’t mean worse. You will find that the quality of a used MacBook is comparable to a new device. Treat yourself to a better device for less money.

You have 30 days to fall in love with Apple products. Whether for design, ease of use, or reliability, it’s up to you.

The 30-day warranty applies to products purchased through the e-shop.


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DPD delivers your notebook free of charge.

If you are not satisfied, we refund you. Applies to products purchased online.

Each product comes with a 12 months warranty.

Enjoy your Macbook via installments at no extra charge.

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