About us - ITya.sk

Our journey began in 2018.

ITya.eu is an e-shop and a regular brick and mortar shop active in the selling, buying and service of active and used MacBooks and iPhones.

Visit us in the RETRO shopping center on Nevädzova Street in Bratislava and check our services and experience; we got inspired by the best practices used within our trips abroad.
We have new products every week, the store and service are available 7 days a week. Our main pro is that you can immediately consult the service to be done and we arrange the repair directly at our place.

We have been fascinated by technology for many years by now.

We love the Apple brand as much as you do, especially for its fantastic design and tuned systems that have no competition whatsoever.
However, higher prices are often paid for quality. That is why we are here to offer you products, spare parts and service at the best affordable prices.

However, we are not a second-hand store. We test all MacBooksandclean them of dust. We remove all the data from the previous owner. Finally, we add our stamp as a guarantee of our work. We provide you with a one-year warrantyfor each MacBook and a six-month warranty for service work and spare parts.

We rely on above-standard services

Every customer is our partner. Our relationship does not end with the purchase. On the contrary our commitment begins exactly that moment.

We are here for you when:
– you change your mind about your purchase
– something goes wrong
– you want a more up to date device
– you don’t have enough cash to buy a MacBook
– you want to sell an older Mac
– you need help with installation
– you want to buy accessories
Moreover, that’s just the couple of items on our list…

We rely on communicationand a reliable relationship with the customer. Try us and expect to be surprised by high-quality standards.

Your ITya.eu team

DPD delivers your notebook free of charge.

If you are not satisfied, we refund you. Applies to products purchased online.

Each product comes with a 12 months warranty.

Enjoy your Macbook via installments at no extra charge.

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