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A technical issue you can’t handle yourself?

Are you considering repairing your device?


Laptops & PCs

I have “a bubble “on the bottom of the laptop, can it be fixed?

Yes, it is usually an inflated battery and it is a good idea to replace it as soon as it happens. Concerning the safety of the use of the device and your health, order a replacement as soon as possible. 

I have a cracked display. Do I have to change the whole device?

Probably not. We will certainly give you an answer considering the condition of your device. Nevertheless, often it is sufficient to replace only the display and other components. 

My laptop is buzzing noisily.

If the cooling fan starts more often, it may be dusty. We will thoroughly clean, change the paste and your laptop will be able to breathe better. 

My device freezes quite often.

Older devices may become slower with the new system. Therefore, we can speed up the device by adding or replacing the operating memory or disk. 

I poured some liquid over the laptop, can it be solved?

It depends on several factors. The best thing to do is immediately turn it off, close it, and bring it over to us. Do not switch it on if it has switched itself off, do not turn it upside down so that you do not move the liquid elsewhere than it already is. The myth of putting it into rice is also not a cure. 🙂 You better call us. 

My laptop stopped charging. Will a new charger help me?

It may or may not. Visit us or give us a call and we will check if the charger or the connector could be faulty. 

My laptop fell and I can’t turn it on since then

Yes, it happens, but the chances of making it work again are still there. The extent of the damage is unpredictable, so we provide you with an opinion only after diagnosis. 

Some key doesn’t work anymore, can you fix it?

Probably yes. However, it may be necessary to replace the entire keyboard, but maybe cleaning it properly can be enough. Our specialists will see what’s needed for your device. 

Any issue with your phone or tablet?


Phones & tablets

My phone/tablet fell and it still works, but it has a cracked display.

We will replace the display on most devices in a short time. 

I have to charge my phone twice a day…

Nothing but a replacement helps to solve the issue of a worn battery. We have most of the batteries in stock. 

When I make a phone call, I cant hear the other person properly.

We will be happy if you visit us to check the reason. 

The tablet or phone stopped charging.

Our great technicians also provide solutions such as the charging connector replacement. 🙂 🙂 

I blocked my phone (tablet) and I do not remember my password.
There are ways to unlock, but we have to look at the device first.
My home button or power button does not work.

We know that such things happen to our customers and of course, we can replace these buttons. 

My microphone doesn’t work.

It’s a small part, but quite important for a phone. We also repair this defect for you in a short time. 

I have another issue not described above.

It can also happen. We have selected the most common defects, but there are others as well. We are available in two stores in Bratislava, by phone or use the “Chat” button at the bottom right. 

Do you long for a new device or an accessory?


Laptops, computers, phones & tablets

I chose a new device, what are the delivery options?

You can pick up the order at the store, or we will deliver it to you free of charge by courier throughout Slovakia. 

What are the payment options?

There are several ways to make a payment. In cash upon delivery, bank transfer, card upon delivery, or even in installments via Quatro. It is also possible to purchase the original equipment and we will deduct its value from the new equipment. 

How fast do you send orders?

Our devices meet the new owners in the shortest possible time. It also depends on the payment method chosen. It also depends on the payment method chosen. We’ll carefully review the device before shipping to make sure we’ve done our best. All devices have a minimum one-year warranty. 

I need to buy devices for the company.

You receive proof of purchase for each device – an invoice. We are a VAT payer. 

I want a device from your offer, but I want to modify its configuration.

In computers, some models can have replaced the operating memory, disk or battery with a newer one. These operations can be performed upon agreement and then we send or hand over the device to you. 

I chose another device after the purchase. Can I return the original?

All orders through our e-shop are covered by a 15-day money-back guarantee or exchange for another. You can test it for 15 days and choose another device if necessary. 

What about the product warranty?

Each device has a minimum one-year warranty. However, we also offer such items with a 2-year warranty. The information is always stated in the description of the specific product. 

Will you help me with the first turn-on of the new device? I’m a newbie.

Of course, our helpful staff is here for both experienced and new users. In this case, the personal pick up is ideal, where we try your new device together at the store and instruct you properly. 

Are you considering replacing or selling the device?


All devices

I have a device I don’t use anymore, can I bring it over?

Of course. It will be ideal if you bring accessories, a box and proof of purchase. We check together its condition and the amount for which we can buy it from you. 

How do I get money for the device?

We write a purchase contract together, you provide us with your account number and we send the money for the device to you while you are still in our store. 

The device I want to sell is new in original packaging.

Have you received an inappropriate gift or don’t want it for another reason? Of course, we also buy brand new devices. 

I have an older device and I want a newer model. Choose from our offer and bring your current one.

Choose from our offer and bring your current one Let’s check together if we can buy it and reduce the price of a new one by its value. 

I want to sell my device but I’m not from Bratislava.

It doesn’t matter at all. Call us, we will agree on the details. We can agree on shipping and further steps so you are our satisfied customer. 

I have a damaged device…

It depends on the extent of the damage. There’s a chance we’ll be able to use some parts. However, we can confirm it only after proper diagnosis. 

Do you buy the device for the commission?

No. All devices you find with us are ours and were purchased from the original owners. 

How long does the whole selling process take?

The price estimation of the device will be shared immediately during your visit. If you have all the accessories and proof of purchase with you, we can immediately write a contract. We transfer the money on the same day. 

DPD delivers your notebook free of charge.

If you are not satisfied, we refund you. Applies to products purchased online.

Each product comes with a 12 months warranty.

Enjoy your Macbook via installments at no extra charge.

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