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The seller is responsible for defects in the goods when taken over by the buyer. For used items, is not responsible for defects caused by their use or wear. In the case of items sold at a lower price, is not liable for the defect for which the lower price was agreed. If the items are not easy to be damaged or used, the seller is responsible for defects after taking over the item during the warranty period (warranty).

The warranty period for new goods is 24 months. The warranty period begins from the receipt of the goods by the buyer. The warranty period for used goods is 12 months. If the period of use is marked on the item sold, its packaging or the instructions attached to it, the warranty period does not end before the expiration of this period.

The warranty card is issued at the request of the buyer. Proof of purchase is a sufficient document to file a complaint.

If the goods have a defect that can be removed, the buyer has the right to have it for free, timely and properly removed. The seller is obliged to eliminate the defect without undue delay.

However, the buyer should no longer use the item on which a defect was identified. If errors occur after the purchase, they must be pointed out without undue delay after being identified. After the expiration of the warranty period, the right to make a complaint expires.

Wear characteristic of the material or use is not considered a defect.  It is not a defect if it follows from the nature of the sold item that its lifespan is shorter than the warranty period and if in the regular use of such an item, it is completely worn out before the expiration of the warranty period.

Instead of eliminating the defect, the buyer may request an exchange of the item, or if the defect concerns only a part of the item, a replacement of the part, if the seller does not incur disproportionate costs due to the price of the goods or the severity of the defect. Instead of eliminating the defect, the seller can always replace the defective item with a functional one if this does not cause severe difficulties for the buyer. If a defect cannot be remedied and prevents the item from being properly used as an item without defects, the buyer has the right to exchange the item or has the right to withdraw from the contract. The same rights belong to the buyer in the case of remediable defects, but if the buyer can not properly use the item due to the defect’s recurrence after repair or due to a larger number of defects. In the case of other irreparable defects, the buyer is entitled to a reasonable discount on the item’s price.

Defective situation liability rights apply to the seller at the billing address. However, if the warranty service is stated in the warranty card, which is closer to the seller’s place or the buyer’s place, the buyer will exercise the right to repair in the warranty service. The warranty service is obliged to repair within 30 days at the latest.

If the item is replaced, the warranty period begins to run again from the new item’s receipt. The same applies if the part for which the warranty has been provided is replaced.

Complaint handling means the termination of the complaint procedure by handing over the repaired product, replacing the product, returning the purchase price of the product, payment of a reasonable discount on the product price, and written request to take over the performance or reasoned rejection.

When making a complaint, the seller shall determine the method of handling the complaint immediately or in complex cases no later than 3 working days from the date of the complaint, in justified cases, especially if a complex technical assessment of the product or service is required, no later than 30 days from the date of the complaint. After determining the complaint method handling, the complaint will be settled immediately. In justified cases, the complaint can be settled later; however, the complaint’s settlement may not take longer than 30 days from the date of the complaint. After the expiration of the period for handling the complaint, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract or has the right to exchange the product for a new product.

If the buyer has made a complaint about the product during the first 12 months from the purchase, the seller can handle the complaint by rejection only based on professional assessment; regardless of the result of the professional assessment, he will not require the buyer to pay the costs of the professional assessment or other costs related to the professional assessment. The seller is obliged to provide the buyer with a copy of the expert assessment justifying the complaint’s rejection no later than 14 days from the date of handling the complaint. If the buyer has filed a complaint about the product after 12 months from the purchase and the seller has rejected it, the seller shall state in the document handling the complaint to whom the buyer can send the product for a professional assessment. If the product is sent for expert assessment to a designated person, the expert assessment costs and all other related expediently incurred costs shall be borne by the seller, regardless of the result of the expert assessment. If the buyer proves the seller’s liability for the defect by professional assessment, he can file a complaint again; the warranty period does not run during the professional assessment. The seller is obliged to reimburse the buyer within 14 days from the date of re-application of the complaint all demonstrably and purposefully incurred costs for professional assessment, as well as all related purposefully incurred costs. . The re-applied claim, in this case, cannot be disapproved.

The seller is obliged to issue a confirmation to the buyer when making a complaint. If the complaint is submitted by e-mail, the seller is obliged to deliver the confirmation of the complaint to the buyer immediately; if it is not possible to deliver the confirmation immediately, it must be delivered without undue delay, but no later than together with the proof of the complaint; The confirmation of the claim need not be delivered if the buyer has the opportunity to prove the claim in another way.

Goods purchased in the regular brick and mortar store of ITya s.r.o. cannot be returned. It is only possible to exchange it within 15 calendar days from the date of purchase. The goods must be kept in the same condition in which they were purchased.

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