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Having a problem with your iPhone 7 that you can’t solve? You’re right here. In ITya, we have up to 90% success rates. We offer express service within a maximum of 72 hours (depending on the type and extent of damage). We provide a 6-month warranty for all repairs.
Diagnostics is FREE with us, but if you decide to service your device elsewhere after diagnostics, the diagnostics will be charged at 20 euros.

iPhone 7 repair

GENERAL FAULTS (up to 2 hours)
Diagnostics 0 €
Unlock the security code 30 €
Software update 35 €
Data backup 35 €
DISPLAY AND GLASS (within 2 days)
Touch glass replacement 79 €
Replacing the display 99 €
Replacing the display backlight 99 €
Replacement proximity sensor 49 €
BACK COVER (up to 2 days)
Rear housing replacement 99 €
Replacing the rear camera glass 29 €
Aligning the cover* 29 €
CHARGING (within 24 hours)
Battery replacement 43 €
Charger connector replacement 50 €
USB charging chip replacement 70 €
Battery connector replacement 50 €
WIRELESS CONNECTION (up to 72 hours)
Weak network signal* 55 €
Bad mobile network* 55 €
SOUND (within 2 days)
Replacing the microphone 55 €
Replacing the speaker 55 €
Earspeaker replacement 55 €
HOME BUTTON & BUTTONS (within 2 days)
Replacing the power button 49 €
Replace the volume buttons 49 €
Vibration not working 49 €
VIDEO CAMERA (within 2 days)
Front camera* 50 €
Back camera* 99 €
The flash does not work 50 €
LIQUID DAMAGE (up to 72 hours)
Water damage od 59 €
Technical cleaning* 35 €

* – Indicates that the price may increase, the listed prices include VAT

What is the procedure to repair an iPhone 7?

  • Contact us by phone, email or contact form.
  • Please provide us with the most detailed description of the error.
  • Based on your description, we will tell you the approximate time and price of the repair.
  • We will then agree on how you will deliver it to us for service.
  • We’ll fix it and send it by courier. If you are from Bratislava, we will bring it to you personally.

Prečo sa obrátiť na náš servis?

  • We will provide you with a replacement device for the entire repair period.
  • Installation is included.
  • We will only use original spare parts.
  • We will clean the entire iPhone 7 and check that it works like new. He will feel at home with us.
  • Diagnosis is free.
  • 6 months warranty.

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If you are not satisfied, we refund you. Applies to products purchased online.

Each product comes with a 12 months warranty.

Enjoy your Macbook via installments at no extra charge.

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